Welcome to Friends of Mine cooperative preschool in beautiful North Asheville, NC! Friends of Mine preschool is for children ages two and a half to four with daily school operating hours from 9AM-12:45PM. The school is parent owned and operated, giving parents the unique opportunity to work alongside a qualified teacher one day a week.

As a working parent, you have the ability to be involved in your child's education and take comfort knowing your child is safe and happy in their first school experience. Interacting with a community of other parents provides the opportunity to create lasting friendships with other like-minded Asheville parents as you work together to provide the best experience for your children.

At Friends of Mine, we encourage inclusive play, mutual responsibility, cooperation, and self-respect as the building blocks for important first friendships outside children's family relationships.

As parents and teachers, we try to model healthy group interactions through the work we do to keep the school running efficiently and harmoniously.