At Friends of Mine, your child's first experience with school will be in an environment rich with parent involvement that is guided by a qualified teacher. The focus is on child development and we work to provide an enriching experience for everyone's children.

Friends of Mine is the oldest, continually running cooperative preschool in the Asheville area. As a parent cooperative, Friends of Mine is owned, operated, administered, and maintained by the parents on a non-profit basis. Parents serve as educational assistants in the classroom, participate in fundraising, serve as Board members, and participate in parent/teacher meetings. They also contribute their talents to help enrich the classroom experience. A parent cooperative forms a triangular relationship where the children, the parents, and the teacher all learn from one another.

Children at FOM learn through "hands on, minds on" educational activities. They participate in free play, morning circle routines including show and tell, creative and exploratory activities, story time, and outside play. We have occassional field trips, seasonal parties, and special programs (ie: fire safety, dental health, storytelling). Music, yoga, and spanish classes are also held weekly.

8:45 AM Working Parents Arrive
9:00 AM Drop Off/Arrival Time for Children
9:00 AM Center Time
9:35 AM 5 More Minutes
9:40 AM Clean Up Time
9:45 AM Circle Time
10:00 AM Transition: Wash Hands
10:05 AM Snack Time
10:20 AM Transition: Use Bathroom & Wash Hands
10:25 AM TEAM/Small Groups/Yoga/Drama
10:45 AM Outside Time
11:25 AM 5 More Minutes
11:30 AM Clean Up Time
11:35 AM Transition: Wash Hands
11:40 AM Lunch
12:00 PM Music Together/Second Step/Outdoor Education
Time Varies Pillow Time
12:45 PM The time has come to say goodbye!