Heather Ward-Migner

For the last twenty years I have bounced between being an artist, an educator, a business owner, and a parent to two amazing daughters, who are now 9 and 15 years old. I have missed teaching preschoolers so much. I am always surprised by how much, energy, patience and joy I have when I am teaching. I am honored to serve this remarkable community at Friends of Mine.

In the classroom I see myself as a facilitator, curator, role model, appreciator, and host. I love documenting and note-taking to keep track of children’s interest. It is my hope that their interests will create themes and lead the direction of what we learn about and explore in the classroom. I see navigating social situations and group dynamics as the pith of preschool. I also see preschool as a time for young children to develop independence, volition, and a sense of self. I believe in a presence-based approach to educating, which lends itself to conscious discipline and draws on my knowledge of child development. I want my students to have meaningful learning. To me this means that learning relates to their interest, development, and experience.